Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st Haircut

Michael's hair was starting to get a bit out of control over the ears and in the back, so I just couldn't wait for his first birthday as I had planned to give the little guy a trim. We made a trip out of it to John's barber in Burnaby and all 3 boys got the haircut. Just like his older brother Michael was curious at first about the razor and then decided he did not want his hair cut. Poor fellow. Depsite the fussing, squirming and screaming I think it turned out pretty well.

Michael had started the haircut sitting on John's lap under the cape. Within a
minute he was standing and the cape was nearly gone.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

Michael has managed two pretty big milestones in the last 2 days. He has started to say the word "Up!" when he wants to be picked up from his high chair at mealtimes. We think he has also said "Heather" and Bye bye!", but when we asked him to repeat these words he didn't.

His other new skill is climbing the stairs. John and I were both shocked to see him sitting at the bottom of the stairs one second (which he does a lot since Bucca's toys are in a basket there) and then on the 4th step a few seconds later. Since his first (and very successful) attempt at climbing all he has done is practice. Here is a video of one of his first tries, he slips a little on some of the steps. I should make another video because in the past 2 hours he has become even quicker and more sure footed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Aloha! It has been awhile since my last post due to creating wedding invites for my sister and a close friend, hanging out with the boys, holding stamping classes, and most recently living island life in Kona, Hawaii with my ohana (family) including my sister Heather. I can't promise I'll fill you in on the past few weeks at home (if time permits I will), but here is a quick look at our Hawaiian holiday.

We spent many days hanging out at beaches. Michael especially loved crawling around in the surf.

We went to the Black Sands Beach and saw the Honu (turtles).

We took the boys on a glass bottom boat & dolphin adventure. We saw spinner dolphins and 2 bottlenose dolphins swam with us for the entire trip entertaining us at every reef we stopped at.

We drove to the volcanoes and stood at the crater at Kilauea. Matthew was a little scared of the steam vents we could walk up to, but thought the big one in the crater was cool. We didn't get to see any flowing lava, but we did get to walk through a lava tube.

We went to Place of Refuge and saw all the tikis. There were a ton!

Matthew was thrilled to be at the luau, eat kalua pork and watch the hula girls. He even got to watch his Auntie Heather go up on stage to dance!

We swam in the pool, walked the Kona strip, ate in too many restaurants and generally relaxed. The heat and the swimming really wore the boys out though. Matthew even napped most days. Then again that may be due to the fact they were getting up around 5:30 am and going to bed around 9pm.

We had a fabulous time and can't wait to go back!