Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Matthew "feeding" Michael

Well, I guess I'm a slow learner, but I now know to NEVER leave my boys alone together. The first time I just ran to the basement to grab a loaf of bread and Matthew watched and laughed as Michael splashed in Sambucca's water dish. Monday, I safely secured Michael (so he couldn't get into the dog dishes) before running downstairs to grab some meat from the freezer. Matthew decided Michael couldn't wait the extra 30 seconds to eat his breakfast. The two of them were laughing hysyerically - I wasn't as we were already running late for preschool. Aargh!

Michael's on the Go!

We always figured Michael would walk early - and he is certainly on his way. He is able to pull himself up on ANYTHING, he can cruise around the whole coffee table, couch etc... He can reach out to move from one piece of furniture to another and now he can walk with his little car for support. In this video from a gfew days ago he is pretty wobbly as he had just learned how to do this. Now he just motors. It won't be long until we can lose the props. Hopefully before we go to Hawaii at the end of April he will be independently mobile. Yeah Michael!

The laughing in the background is Matthew - he is very excited and proud of his little brother.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Visiting Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack was moved to Eagleridge this week, so he is nice and close. We have been going to visit often. Matthew asks everyday to go over and see Uncle Jack. He just loves talking, so Uncle Jack is the perfect audience I guess since he shows great interest and rarely interrupts. On this last visit Matthew showed a video of himself playing baseball, and told Uncle Jack all about the Heffalumps that live in the woods next to the hospital. It amazes me how Matthew just wants to know about what happened to Uncle Jack and how to make him better, and is not at all phased by the medical stuff he sees in the hospital.

Swing Time

Michael had his first opportunity to play on the swings this week. Matthew wanted some time at the park after preschool so we all just hung out. It was too cold to stay long though. He watched Matthew do "super dupers" on the swing, but mummy would only give him little pushes.

Brothers at Play

The boys have been loving their toys, unfortunately Matthew has a new found interest in the baby toys and Michale gravitates towards his big brothers choking hazard toys. Ugh!

They do have a great time playing together now that Michael can crawl, stand, cruise, and is babbling a lot. Matthew loves to show Michael how to do things. Generally their play ends up in fits of giggles as one or the other does something amusing.