Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Michael's on the Go!

We always figured Michael would walk early - and he is certainly on his way. He is able to pull himself up on ANYTHING, he can cruise around the whole coffee table, couch etc... He can reach out to move from one piece of furniture to another and now he can walk with his little car for support. In this video from a gfew days ago he is pretty wobbly as he had just learned how to do this. Now he just motors. It won't be long until we can lose the props. Hopefully before we go to Hawaii at the end of April he will be independently mobile. Yeah Michael!

The laughing in the background is Matthew - he is very excited and proud of his little brother.

1 comment:

Darcey said...

I'm not too sure you want a mobile baby in Hawaii!

Poor Buka! Gets bumped a lot I'm sure.