Friday, February 27, 2009

Next Time Won't You Sing With Me

Matthew is such a ham! I was playing with the movie setting on my camera the other day and he just wanted to sing for me and then watch the movies replay. Here is the first movie I recorded.

Matthew also sang 'Hunka Burning Love' and danced/hummed the 'Chicken Dance'. Too funny. I may post those videos later, but they take a long time to upload so we'll see.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Bike

Matthew has been practicing gliding alot on his run bike and is really good at it - so this weekend my parents took us out bike shopping. It was a big surprise for Matthew. He got to pick a new helmet as well - he chose a blue one with flames because his Uncle Corey will like the flames and the blue matches the new bike. For now he will have to keep his training wheels on because he can't touch the ground while he is on the bike - he needs to grow another 1/2". He shouldn't have too much trouble with the whole balance part when the time comes though. Nana and Papa also got us the trailer so when Matthew's legs get tired I can hitch him behind and keep going. This will make longer rides in Whistler a lot more feasible and enjoyable. Now we just have to get Michael accustomed to the Chariot so all 4 of us can go out.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lunch with Nana & Papa

We had a nice visit with Nana & Papa. Matthew was thrilled to be spoiled with Valentine treats, special cupcakes, and he got a McDonald's gift card so he can take us out for lunch. Michael sat in his booster seat at the restaurant for the first time. He was very well behaved and didn't fuss until after I had finished eating. Yeah! After lunch Matthew got to play in Freddy and honk the horn, when we got home he howed off on his run bike. Nana and Papa were impressed with his balance. It was a nice visit, can't wait until they live closer so they don't have to rush to beat the traffic.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Valentine's!

We have officially started Valentine's week. Grandma & Grandpa came from Sechelt to visit today. They brought a treat from Aunty Sammy which we will open on the 14th and a very special sweet surprise - a bucket of homemade cookies, butter cream icing and sprinkles. Grandpa & Matthew had a great time decorating the cookies. Matthew went a bit overboard with the chocolate sprinkles on one of them. After the decorating and of course eating they went to have a pillow fight in Matthew's room while Grandma & Michael had a quiet cuddle. Matthew had a great time, and since we didn't tell him they were coming it was a treat for me to see his expression when they arrived.

New Skills

Michael has been busy learning many new things this week. He has perfected his crawl. He is speedy now and loves to come for the camera. He has started using a sippy cup to drink water (with assistance holding it), and can play with his gumball machine independently, putting the balls in and pressing the lever to make them drop down. He is also starting to babble a lot more (mum, dada, tata). I guess he is using his lack of sleep due to teething to practice all this.

Michael also loves standing up, trying to walk, and is starting to cruise. He can't quite stand up beside the couch on his own, but will use toy buckets, stairs and footstools to boost himself up.

First Teeth

Wow! Teeth are hard to photograph. Michael got his first tooth about 2 weeks ago, and the second one about a week ago. I have been trying since to photograph them. This crooked shot is the best so far - Michael keeps his mouth closed alot. The teething battle is still going on. We are working on a 3rd tooth on the bottom. Hopefully this one will be quicker than the first ones. His teeth have been playing peek-a-boo for months, we are all tired of this - especially Michael.

First Optometrist Visit

Although 6 months is the recommended age for the first eye exam our optometrist believes that unless there is some parental concern 3 years is a good time since they can communicate well what they are seeing and follow instructions well. Matthew was a bit nervous, but quickly relaxed when he met Dr. Gilani. To get Matthew to keep still when he was looking into his pupils he told Matthew that he wanted to look in and see what he had eaten for breakfast - Matthew was amazed when Dr. Gilani accurately listed all he had eaten that day -(Dr. Gilani had asked me at the beginning of the exam to spell it all out for him.)
It turns out Matthew's eyesight is +.5 in both eyes (no corrective lenses required). He has good depth perception and may possibly be red/green colour blind - but he is a bit young to know for sure, he may just not have understood the skill that was being asked of him. At the end of the visit Matthew got to choose a prize ( a light up pen) so he was thrilled.