Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Optometrist Visit

Although 6 months is the recommended age for the first eye exam our optometrist believes that unless there is some parental concern 3 years is a good time since they can communicate well what they are seeing and follow instructions well. Matthew was a bit nervous, but quickly relaxed when he met Dr. Gilani. To get Matthew to keep still when he was looking into his pupils he told Matthew that he wanted to look in and see what he had eaten for breakfast - Matthew was amazed when Dr. Gilani accurately listed all he had eaten that day -(Dr. Gilani had asked me at the beginning of the exam to spell it all out for him.)
It turns out Matthew's eyesight is +.5 in both eyes (no corrective lenses required). He has good depth perception and may possibly be red/green colour blind - but he is a bit young to know for sure, he may just not have understood the skill that was being asked of him. At the end of the visit Matthew got to choose a prize ( a light up pen) so he was thrilled.

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