Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Bike

Matthew has been practicing gliding alot on his run bike and is really good at it - so this weekend my parents took us out bike shopping. It was a big surprise for Matthew. He got to pick a new helmet as well - he chose a blue one with flames because his Uncle Corey will like the flames and the blue matches the new bike. For now he will have to keep his training wheels on because he can't touch the ground while he is on the bike - he needs to grow another 1/2". He shouldn't have too much trouble with the whole balance part when the time comes though. Nana and Papa also got us the trailer so when Matthew's legs get tired I can hitch him behind and keep going. This will make longer rides in Whistler a lot more feasible and enjoyable. Now we just have to get Michael accustomed to the Chariot so all 4 of us can go out.

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