Sunday, November 16, 2008

Michael's First Solid Foods

For the past few weeks Michael has been curiously watching us at meal times. The other morning he even tried to steal Matthew’s muffin right off his plate, so we thought it was time to try him on his first solids even though he is only 4 ½ months old. It was a family affair. Dad took photos while Matthew and I spoon fed Michael. Michael ate the whole bowl of infant oatmeal that I prepared (only 10 mL – but that is pretty good for a first meal). By the 3rd spoonful Michael was really getting into it, he even took the spoon right out of my hand and started sucking on it. I think he is really going to like this new culinary adventure!

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Darcey said...

I love the intensity on Michael's face as he's devouring that spoon!!!