Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meeting Natasha Ruth Reid - Through Matthew's Eyes

This afternoon (after a fun 4th birthday party for Matthew's friend Kai Haikonen) we dropped in on Darcey and her sweet new baby girl - Natasha Ruth Reid (born 12/12/08, 10.05 lbs). Darcey and I had a lovely visit, chatted about life with 2, labour, Christmas plans, etc... Michael happily rolled around on the floor, had a snack and a brief nap. Poor Matthew though had no playmate (Robynn was out shopping with her daddy, Russ), so to keep him busy I allowed him to take photos with my camera. We ended up with a unique view of our visit. This is adorable Natasha, and all her glorious, soft, brown hair. The highlight of the trip for Matthew - 0ur beverages - a water for me and an eggnog for Matthew (notice that the glass is empty). Matthew loves eggnog - he even tried to drink those few remaining drops later in the visit.The memory can that I made for Darcey.The moms and their babes - not a bad shot of Michael. This was an abbreviated version of his actual photo session. There were a few fingerprint shots, many close ups of feet, breast pads, and couch fabric, and a few whole room shots that would have actually been good if he had used a flash. I will hopefully have a nice photo of Michael, Matthew, Natasha and I to share when Darcey gets a minute to send it my way.

In any case, we were thrilled to meet Natasha and see that Darcey is doing well. Matthew and Michael both greeted Natasha with big smiles. We are looking forward to Natasha's dedication - tomorrow (weather permitting).


Darcey said...

Aww, and I was so looking forward to the shot of my breast pad! Actually, Matthew did an awesome job! I like the still life.

Lewis family said...

I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! What an especially fun blog this was to read!

I'm with Darcey...where are the photos of the breast pads? Really...and what type is she using? *grin*

Love your blogging, Leah!!!