Thursday, December 11, 2008

My sweet (gingerbread) boys

3 days, 5 cups of flour, a bowl of icing sugar, a bag of smarties, christmas carols, and a hyper 3 year old, but in the end we have gingerbread. Matthew and I worked during Michael's naps to make the dough, then we let it chill overnight. The next day we cut shapes and baked them. Finally, the day Matthew had been waiting for - decorating (read eating) with Smarties, gum drops, and m&m's. Our decorating day was fun- but maybe too exciting for Matthew. We ate some candies, created a mini Matthew and baby Michael, had a surprise visit from Grandma and Poppa, and got to eat the T-Rex gingerbread cookie that John & I had secretly created for him. (I forgot to take a picture of it!)

For those of you who got to eat some of these cute creations, I hope you enjoyed them. If you missed out, I think we are baking sugar cookies next week.

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Samantha said...

Ok the Ginger dudes are super cute