Thursday, August 27, 2009

A day at the PNE

We have had a fun-filled summer, which I will likely not get around to blogging. Sorry. But as we start to think about returning to school and work I will hopefully be better at regularly updating the blog again.

Yesterday we had a fabulous big kids day at the PNE. My friend,Lauretta, and I took Katie and Matthew for a day of junk food and rides - without the little siblings. It was a big treat for us all.

Apparently Matthew thinks we live in Britain - every car ride today he chose the right hand drive.

The kids rode all the junior rides. Matthew was aching to try the big kid rides too - he'll have to wait a few years unfortunately.

This look of joy was permanently etched on Matthew's face during
the roller coaster ride.

The cotton candy was a big hit too!

Both kids bravely stuck their heads in the lion's mouth
as well.

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Darcey said...

looks like a blast! Love the photo on the roller coster :)