Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

What a perfect night! The weather was warm and dry - we couldn't ask for anything better. There was even a nearly full moon which made for a bright evening. The boys had comfortable, cute costumes and a gang of friends to trick-or-treat with. We went out with Joel & Cooper, Marcus & Victoria, and Tristan.

Matthew is a very handsome Batman - Dark Knight. Everyone LOVED Michael's little monkey suit. The banana in the back pocket was a cute finishing touch. The way he waddled he truly looked like a little monkey.
Matthew of course knew what Halloween was all about, but Michael caught on quite quickly. He was running up to doors with the big kids, pushing his way to the front and then reaching into the bowls of candy and helping himself. Everyone thought he was so adorable they let him take as much as he wanted. He either really likes the colour orange or he loves peanut butter because he seemed to grab alot of reeses peanut butter cups and reeses pieces.

After we finished trick or treating in our complex I dropped Michael off at home with John so Matthew and I could continue trick-or-treating with the big kids. We also got Matthew a new bag since his was getting so heavy. At the end of the night we came home for a hot drink and
Matthew got to eat some of his treats. We dumped all of his goodies out on the table (no this doesn't not include all the candies Michael got!) and he sorted through it all. When we said it was time to go to bed he actually asked if he could have another minute to look at all his candy. He was in heaven.

Matthew thinks he has enough treats to last him until NEXT HALLOWEEN!

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