Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Skating Lessons

This Saturday was Matthew's first skating lesson. His instructor Anthony is a fun guy. To get the kids out on the ice he skated each one out and plopped them on the ice. Then they spent a lot of time crawling around on the ice, laying on their tummies, and trying to stand up.
Once Anthony got them up on their fee he had them practice stomping their feet to make ice shavings. That's when most of them lost their balance and fell. No wonder they all have to wear snowsuits and full face helmets.

Despite spending most of the time sitting or crawling on the ice Matthew had a great time and can' wait to go back next week. Maybe he'll actually stand up on his own next week.

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Darcey said...

yeah! Maybe we can get together over Christmas break and take the kiddies skating!!!