Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Concert

Matthew had his first stage performance today. He played Frosty the snowman in his preschool performance. I was impressed that he did not get stage fright as the Terry Fox Theatre in PoCo was packed with parents and grandparents to see the production.

I unfortunately had to edit the video because it was too large to upload, but you still get to see most of the performance ( I just cut the beginning where he is supposed to be standing still).

We were very proud of our little snowman. (In case you didn't recognize him he was the one in the red scarf.)

He had a long wait before his part of the show. The boy next to him kept him entertained. At one point he even tried to eat Matthew's carrot nose - too cute.

They spotted Santa up on the balcony of the theatre and were a lile distracted. They even started waving at him.

This was Matthew as he sat on the stage and started to see the theatre fill up with people - just a little stunned, but he survived.

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Darcey said...

Those are simply the cutest photos! I so expect to see a scrapbook page out of this event!