Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I forgot to tell Santa what I want for Christmas!!!

This was my last day off before Christmas break begins and the malls really get crazy, so I thought I would take them to see Santa. We were the first people in line to see the Big Guy and only two other families were waiting. Great! Matthew immediately sat on Santa's lap, Michael too. Within a second though Michael was screaming and reaching for me. We tried to calm him down - no luck. So I resigned myself to the idea of a photo of Matthew only with Santa. They took the photos. Then Santa was chatting with Matthew and gave him a candy cane. Santa also offered a candy cane to Michael. All of a sudden Santa was Michael's best friend! The VERY kind ladies at Santa's workshop noticed and suggested we quickly try to take a photo of Santa with both boys. It worked out beautifully (if you look closely Michael has a candy cane in each hand).
I was so thrilled we were there at such a quiet time as I am sure they would not have so patiently allowed us to sit with Santa for so long if it was a crazy shopping day.

I was thrilled with their photo and thought we had somehow managed to have a relatively stress free trip to see Santa, until we were in the van on the way home and Matthew blurts out "I forgot to tell Santa what I want for Christmas!!"

We decided to write Santa a letter instead of returning to the mall.

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Darcey said...

I love it! Way to score Michael.

We too got to spend a longer time with Santa, because we went at the beginning of Dec.

Did you know you can email Santa??? Check it out on the Canada Post web site.