Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

Well, I have fallen a bit behind on my posts - we have just been having too much fun. Here is a very brief recap.

Christmas was fabulous. We had my parents over for the day. They actually arrived before Matthew woke up - he slept in until 8am. We ate way too much food, and both boys were spoiled. Matthgew got all of his Santa wishes - sunglasses, Buzz Lightyear and a Puss in Boots. He was really sweet opening his gifts. He truly enjoyed each gift and wanted to play with them before opening another.

Christmas night just before dinner we even had a brief visit from my Uncle Brian, Aunt Sheila, Thomas, and Pat. It was wonderful to see so much of our family, and we spoke to most of the rest of the family on the phone at some point in the day.

Boxing Day was a play indoors kind of day with all the snow we got.
Then on the 27th we went to visit my Aunt Meriel and Uncle Ray, as well as my Auntie Anne and her husband George who were visiting from Washington. Matthew had a great time playing with my cousin Brendan. When we were driving home he said to me, "I like those aunts and uncles, and the cookies were delicious." That made me smile, and think we really should visit more often, especially since we live so close, but life is busy. As for the cookies, he should know if they were good or not - I think he had at least one of each variety.

In the days to follow, we played a lot in the snow, played Lego and Playmobil, did some shopping, and finally went to our friend Ryan & Lauretta's for New Years. The kids (Katie & Matthew) stayed up until 9pm - Michael was unfortunately up most of the night. The adults played poker - until Ryan inevitably won.

All in all it has been a fabulous end to 2008.
Best wishes to all of you in the New Year!

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