Sunday, January 4, 2009

Project 365

I am so excited about my most recent scrapbook page I just had to post it here. I decided to attempt Project 365, which is essentially taking a photo a day, everyday, for a year to document daily life. I will then scrapbook and journal my photos (some people just create a blog or on-line album). Next January I will have an amazing album (I hope). So enough blabbing, here it is:

For those of you who are into digital scrapping booking, I used a template from Ikea Goddess, and a freebie digital kit called Winter Spell from I recolored some of the images to match my photos.

If you are wondering why there are only 4 photos for week one, it is because all my other pages will be full weeks (Monday to Sunday). So I started on Jan 1st and ended this week on the Sunday Jan 4th.


Lewis family said...

Oh wow, Leah! This is AWESOME! What a great idea!!!

Darcey said...

you are so amazing!

I'm still waiting for the digital scrapbooking class????

Lynda G. said...

That's beautiful! What a great idea!