Sunday, January 11, 2009

I think they are here!!!!

Matthew was so cute this morning waiting for his Grandma, Poppa and Auntie Sammy to arrive. He knew they would arrive sometime after Michael had his nap, so from about 10 am on (a few minutes after Michael had gone down) he kept running to our tiny front window to see if they were here yet. Every little noise he heard, he would jump up and yell, "I think they are here!" and run to the front door. He didn't relax until we called them to find out exactly when they would arrive.
Once they were here it was all pillow fights, climbing on Poppa, and opening gifts. Matthew couldn't believe Christmas was here again so soon. We had a great day visiting, a delicious Chinese Food dinner and an even better apple pie for dessert (Thanks Grandma & Poppa).
John and Bucca even snuck a nap in while Michael was napping and Auntie Sammy ws entertaibning the big guy.
I think Matthew's 'Cars' collection is complete now - with his new deluxe Mack truck and the pink Japanese reporter car 'Suki'. He is thrilled that he can now ride Lightning McQueen around in a real Mack, instead of pretending with his other trucks.

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