Saturday, January 10, 2009

Indoor Playgrounds and Slushy Snow

Wednesday was going to be a lazy day for us all, until my friend Lauretta called and invited us to join her and her daughters at a local indoor playground. We met up with them around 11am and did not return home until after 3pm! When we got there Matthew immediately started climbing, sliding, and jumping around with Katie. He also really liked the ride in cars. Much to our surprise my friend Darcey's daughter arrived at the center about half an hour later with her playdate Kai and Kai's mom, Tammy (we met them at the pumpkin patch with Darcey in October). All 4 kids started playing house, pet shop and other imagination games. I got to have a chat with the moms and feel like a real person (Matthew and I have great conversations, but he is only 3).

After hours of play we drove home in the rain, as soon as we got home Matthew insisted on playing in the snow. Since Michael was asleep and had transferred to his crib without waking up I said ok. I didn't realize we would be outside in the slush for over an hour! Brrrr! At least he ate and slept well at night.

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